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Our Achievements
  • 2.3M impressions in the first 6 months
  • 188K engagement in the first 6 months
  • 10K+ page likes within the first 6 months
  • 100% organic&real
Their story

Texas born chicken joint

Founded in 1972, the first Hartz Chicken started from humble beginnings. Its goal was a simple one; dish out some of the best fried chicken the south has ever tasted. In addition to its delicious fried chicken, customers loved its southern style dishes, homemade rolls, and exceptional customer service. In the 70’s and 80’s, news of its delicious fare quickly spread, and Hartz Chicken grew throughout Houston.


Project Stats


average reduction in Facebook ads costs (CPI and CPR)


higher engagement rate on our posts compared to food industry average


improvement on Facebook page rating as a result of the boost in positive reviews

Our Partnership

In November, 2018, we have partnered with Hartz Chicken to redesign their social media and public relations strategies. Our mission included:

–  taking control of Hartz Chicken’s existing social media pages
–  removing duplicate pages run by individual franchises and by fans
–  establishing Hartz Chicken’s social media strategy
–  initiating Facebook and Instagram marketing
–  producing best-in-class social media content including product photography, video and animation
–  providing 24/7 public chat support to Hartz’s customers

Long story short

Our Summary

Within the first 5-month of our partnership we have achieved outstanding results in all areas we touched. We have reclaimed all digital properties belonging to Hartz Chicken; ensured the brand’s corporate presence on platforms like Wikipedia and Linkedin; attained 100% customer response rate with very high (responding within an hour) performance on Facebook.

Keeping industry average post sharing rate which is 4.7/week we have achieved average engagement rate of 7.0% vs industry average of 1.37%. 

We have achieved exceptional growth rate in total reach and total impressions of Hartz Chicken’s Facebook posts. 

Tactical plan

Marketing Strategy

Magicians never reveal their secret. Fortunately, we are not magicians. Our results are the product of quality work done here at AVVA Agency. We started with introduction of detailed Marketing Strategy for Hartz Chicken brand. 


Color & material

Then we created Hartz Chicken’s first ever social media style guide. Defined rules and practices for consistent marketing and branded content delivery. Of course we also followed rules strictly.

Sunset Yellow


Relaxed Red


Evening Sky


Media creation

What We Delivered

We started with creating outstanding product and food photos for Hartz Chicken. Then our designers and animators created stunning visual content for Hartz Chicken’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Periodically carried out giveaway engagement campaigns spread virally reaching more than 1M users. 

More details

Services Used

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