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Your future at AVVA Agency

Imagine a workplace. Imagine there’s no Monday Syndrome… And no stress, too. Imagine all the employees working in a peaceful work environment. You may say that we’re dreamers, but we have a mission. Mission to keep our workplace healthy, positive and human-centric. This is the only way of working with the best talents. It allows us to produce the best results for our clients.

Your work matters

From Day 1 of your career at AVVA Agency your work matters for us, for our clients, and especially for you.

Our principles and values

Our principle is that quality results are the results of quality work. Therefore fostering quality work environment is our core value.

In diversity we trust

Sustaining diversity in our work enables us to create outside the box products and services for our clients.

Career Opportunities

We don't have any open positions right now.


How can I submit my portfolio/demo reel?

Add the link to your online portfolio/demo reel to the Website section under “My Experience”. Refer to the job posting for specific submission requirements. We prefer digital copies. If we would like to see additional work, we will contact you.

How long should my demo reel be?

Demo reels should be one to three minutes in length.

How often should I apply?

We recommend applying when there is a significant change to your work experiences that might influence your candidacy or if your contact information has changed. We keep applications on file for 2 years.

Can I submit a creative story and/or script idea?

No. Our team develops AVVA Agency’s ideas and stories internally and it is our policy not to view any external submissions. For legal reasons we automatically return all creative material (scripts, synopses, sketches, etc.) unopened and unread. So, please do not send any kind of creative submission to AVVA Agency.